Over the last 20+ years, Chapterhouse Consulting has conducted more fundraising programmes for schools in Ireland than any other fundraising firm. Coupled with our 100% record of success – with all of our school appeals meeting, and indeed exceeding, their financial goals – is one of the key reasons that our clients employing our services again and again.

Every school can, and does, raise funds. These are usually through events – jumble sales, coffee mornings, auctions, raffles etc. but often this requires considerable effort with a disproportionately poor return.

Many schools also raise funds through levies – taking advantage of tax relief that is available and trying, for the most part, to keep these ‘voluntary contributions’ separate to fees or how parents and students are treated within the school. This takes time and, without the experience of professionals, opportunities can be missed and would-be supporters can be put off.

If a school wishes to maximise funds raised and maintain good relationships with its parents, past pupils and supporters, while continuing to manage the necessary daily activities of the school, professional expertise is required to undertake the appeal as efficiently and sensitively as possible.

Yes, doing fundraising ‘in-house’ can save the professional fees of fundraisers but it ultimately costs a lot more.  It is the fundraising equivalent of building a house without an architect.

Our fundraising services include:

  • Designing and implementing successful fundraising programmes that reach their targets
  • Donor prospect identification, screening and research
  • Advising on Capital campaigns and Annual Giving programmes
  • Securing major gifts and corporate sponsorship
  • Training volunteers and managing fundraising committees
  • Undertaking fundraising audits
  • Orchestrating direct marketing programmes (including direct mail and online fundraising)
  • Enhancing an organisation’s digital presence to improve communication with supporters
  • Managing fundraising / PR events
  • Identifying and securing funds from foundations / trusts and public sector sources
  • Offering interim fundraising solutions to clients in order to manage and grow fundraising operations during transitional or challenging periods in an organisation
  • Developing a legacy proposition and devising the communications plan
  • Designing fundraising, marketing and PR materials

If you are interested in finding our more about our services, you can contact us at:
Phone/Fax: +353 1 495 8844
E-mail: info@fundraising.ie