PUBG is now one of the most popular games for mobile, and that’s a surprise. This battle royale provides a lot excitement and fun and also the chance to earn real money by opening crates. To get the most from the game, a fast and reliable connection is essential. You can improve your gaming experience by using the best VPN for pubg global PC.

NordVPN wins this time because of its lightning fast speed, strong security features, and no-logging policy. It’s a great choice for gamers. The service offers a variety of servers that are designed for gaming, and its connections can be fast enough to ensure low ping. The plans include 30 days of guarantee for refunds, making them a risk-free choice.

ExpressVPN is another strong choice for gamers, as it has a wide range of high-speed servers across 90 countries. It also has an advanced feature called VPN split tunneling, which lets you choose which applications use encrypted connections and which ones use local traffic. The service also has a large tech support staff, so you can contact them whenever you need it.

Hotspot Shield offers a good alternative for those on a budget. However, it’s important to note that the service records some data. This includes bandwidth used as well as the amount of time you’ve connected to the VPN and the MAC address of your device. This won’t be a problem for most users, however it’s worth noting if you’re a privacy-obsessed gamer.