If you’re facing a new deal, a sudden challenge or a new investment, your real estate firm needs to respond quickly and efficiently, and with the correct information. But relying on traditional methods to communicate this information — like spreadsheets, email, physical documents and phone calls–is a slow and inefficient process.

Deal management software can help teams simplify data collection and delivery and automate crucial tasks to provide quicker data that will help in making real estate investment decisions. With these tools, your team can take advantage of more opportunities, move them through each stage of the sales funnel and track their progress to ensure that your investors’ best interests are being fulfilled.

A Better Method to Capture and Manage Deals

Sales are part art, part science. To improve your win rate it is crucial that your team members use the strengths and limit the weaknesses of each individual. This can only be achieved with reliable, individualized data that clearly outlines every element of a sale. Utilizing a deal management program which is instantaneously transferable between team members and can be easily accessible by sales managers to ensure they know what the status of deals is.

In a busy real market, the distinction between hitting and missing could be as simple as a misplaced customer detail or a misunderstanding of a timeline for a client. The right tools and content to help sales enablement will aid your team to overcome obstacles and create a high-quality customer experience supported by data, and more wins. The best deal management software can identify potential issues or stalls in your sales pipeline. This allows you to respond quickly and capitalize on a lost opportunity.