Managing the Work

While the campaign itself always ‘belongs’ to the client, it is our responsibility, not only to provide the best counsel in planning the campaign and to implement that plan in the most efficient manner possible, but also to leave behind a culture where stakeholders of the organisation feel more involved in the organisation’s fundraising and operational goals.

The resources that organisations have available to undertake a fundraising programme vary from client to client. Regardless of those resources, fundraising programmes should not unduly burden clients’ boards or management teams.

We always aim to:
• reach financial targets;
• encourage a positive atmosphere among stakeholders (regardless of their financial support);
• enable clients to continue with their own core activities by lessening the fundraising workload;
• enhance abilities of clients to achieve measurable fundraising success, even after our tenure.

We consider it the highest compliment that so many of our clients ask us to return again and again to continue in some capacity – on the clients’ on-going fundraising efforts. We will assist in building capacity with our clients, reviewing progress, setting targets and guiding activities so that a culture of successful fundraising, and the skills required, becomes integrated within the organisation itself.