Communicating Effectively

According to Blackbaud’s Charitable Giving Report (2021), while overall giving grew 19% since 2019, online giving grew by a much greater 42%. In total, 13% of fundraising in 2020 came through online giving – a significant and fairly constantly increasing proportion. Just as digital marketing is playing a bigger role each year in the for-profit commercial sector, digital fundraising’s importance is also growing annually for non-profit organisations in raising funds directly and indirectly.

As the year-on-year increase in digital fundraising shows no sign of stopping soon, maximising one’s presence online can no longer be overlooked.

Below are key findings that have come from recent studies:
1. Donors who give both online and offline are more likely to keep giving than those who just give through one channel alone.
2. A significant portion of online giving (19%) occurs in December.
3. 18% of online giving took place on mobile devices
4. Most online giving (90%) is a direct response to online appeals, disasters or as an on-going annual contribution.

At Chapterhouse, we not only have a wealth of experience in traditional fundraising but also an in-depth understanding of the tools required for effective online fundraising. As part of a detailed audit of an organisation’s digital presence, we can help to benchmark, develop and manage online activities in order to more effectively communicate with supporters through social media, email, websites and blogs – on a daily basis or through fully integrated online fundraising campaigns.