A successful deal execution is dependent on focus, timing, and, most importantly, a cool head. Deal professionals with execution proficiency are able to spot miscommunications while they happen, clearly convey complex concepts in writing, capture specifics, resist the temptation to ignore the complexities and, when necessary create a calm and peaceful atmosphere on those in their vicinity. This is not just due to their experience in investing as well as an array of specializations.

Deal execution is the most important factor to converting a proposed acquisition into a real closed deal. This involves everything from identification and screening, through to final negotiations and integration. Investors must be able to efficiently manage the entire process, that could include an investment approval that is gated, a multi-staged due diligence process, and a 100-day operating plan. To achieve this, investors must have a thorough understanding of the global capital markets. They should also be able to manage the whole process, which may include the gated approval of investments as well as a multi-staged due-diligence process, as well as a 100-day operating plan.

It’s important to remember that the other party is experiencing the same emotions that you are, which is why it’s not difficult for perceived slights or misunderstandings to cause a rift in negotiations. To help avoid this, it’s good to enter negotiations with a mindset that is open to the possibility of concessions. However, always make sure you offer something worth the price. This could be in the form of a larger asset or a more flexible deadline or even a commitment to work together over the long term.

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