Our Experience of Success

Without donors, there is no campaign. Prospect Screening – identifying key donors, pinpointing their specific interests, and assessing their capacity to give – is critical before an individualised strategy to approach each can be fully developed.

The most successful appeals occur when the right prospects are asked for the right level of gifts by the right advocates at the right time in the right way. Identifying the individual donor prospect – and assessing his/her financial capacity and affinity to support the appeal – is only part of the process. There needs to be a tailored strategy – matching the specific prospect with the specific project, while ensuring that the right persons are making the request.

Over years of fundraising at home and abroad, we have gained a deserved reputation for our skills in donor identification, research and segmentation. We can identify emerging and untapped donor prospects, high net-worth individuals, companies and trusts through our in-house resources or through our partnerships with external prospect-screening firms.

Before embarking on any major fundraising campaign, we would usually advise conducting a high-quality Planning Study, specifically to assess potential for Major Gifts, Volunteer Leadership and the strength of the case in its current form. This would result in a comprehensive Study Report, mapping out the strategy, personnel and timetable required to reach the financial goal.

This initial focus on planning and research can make an enormous difference to the likely success of any subsequent fundraising activities. It can assist in cultivating interest and consensus among stakeholders, and help to fine-tune campaign materials in order to maximise sums raised.