Board management software is an effective tool to improve governance by providing a central platform for managing meeting minutes, board meetings and board documents. It enables organizations to streamline their workflows, reduce risk and adhere to best practices. It also increases productivity and employee engagement while improving the overall governance of the organization.

Meetings can be scheduled easily and quickly.

Send reminders to attendees and plan a virtual meeting. All information is saved to the digital repository so that participants can review all information prior to and during the event. You can also assign other members tasks and monitor the progress.

Centralized Document Management

All board documents that are mission-critical are stored securely in the cloud. This means that there is no need to send and retrieve private information via email. Board directors can access the documents at any time and take informed decisions prior to, during and after a meeting with an easy search.

Advanced Meeting Tools

Create dynamic and fully digital agendas for meetings that include designated time limits for each section and embedded reference documents. Document annotation tools let you collaborate online or offline in real-time. You can share ideas with your selected attendees or create private annotations to keep personal notes. It is easy to share and vote on documents with the click of one button. You can instantly view the results and keep track of all votes on a dashboard to ensure that you are in compliance.

With remote meetings becoming the standard, it is essential to have a comprehensive tool that makes the entire process a breeze for both participants and organizers. With our top-rated portals for board meetings, you can create and update board agendas quickly send invitations out to attendees, take minutes of meetings, distribute them to attendees and much more.