Hosting a board meeting is an arduous task. It is essential to keep your team engaged in a focused, informed, and enlightened manner while also creating an environment that encourages collaboration and open communication. When you’re managing a board meeting in person or via remote from multiple locations, you can use best practices to make your meetings more productive and enjoyable.

Being distracted

Discussion topics that come up during your meeting may eat up valuable time and divert your team from the primary agenda items. It is crucial to give these topics the attention they deserve, but not lose sight of your aim of making progress towards your company’s goals. This can be accomplished by adding a “parking area” to your agenda, where you can put non-urgent items on hold to be considered later.

A Clear Sequence

A good board meeting will have a clearly defined structure. This includes the call to order and the review of the boardbook and the explanation of procedures and the agenda of items to be addressed in the next few days as well as the discussion of past as well as current business, and the adjournment. This will allow you to concentrate on the most important issues and keep your meeting on schedule.

It can be challenging to keep your meeting on track, particularly when the subject of discussion is passionate. However, a spirited debate can be beneficial if you’re able to resolve the issue at hand and continue with your agenda. Do not repeat the same discussion in-depth at the time of your meeting, as this will be a waste of time.