Online database software allows businesses to easily collect and organize their daily work data while also providing smooth data sharing among team members, stakeholders and clients. These tools come with a configuration module that is only accessible to administrators and an application interface that is available to all users. This helps to protect important data from being abused.

There are many databases available online. It is important to think about the requirements of your company before selecting a tool. Be sure to check the flexibility of each database software, including whether it allows for multi-user environments and what number of views or searchable objects are supported. These features aren’t present in all programs, but they are essential to search for because they let you create databases that are tailored to your business.

Podio is a great example of an application for databases that can adapt to the business structure, processes, and culture. It lets teams coordinate their efforts to achieve success by combining everything from conversations to billing, files and contact information onto one platform. This online database software allows you to personalize your data with apps in the Podio Marketplace, while granular administration control makes sure your information is secure and up-to-date.

RowShare is a database online that is easy to use and doesn’t require programming expertise. It has a broad selection of table templates, and supports different data views. The program comes with an administrator feature that allows admins to allow individual rows access on a case-by-case basis. This helps ensure the security of sensitive data.

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